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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We get a lot of questions about the Cristina's Hope ministry.  Some of the most common questions we receive are answered below.  However, we are also happy to answer any that you might have. Contact us at info@cristinashope.org and we will be happy to help you.

How is my gift used?

100% of the funds that are received for family partnerships go directly to the child's educational support.  The Board of Directors volunteer out of a love for Christ Jesus and to be obedient to His calling.

How long is the commitment I am making?

Our preference would be to have commitments for a full level.  Then, we will reevaluate the student’s progress and aptitude to determine if the next level would be prudent.  If it’s determined that the student should move to the next level, you will have a chance to commit for that level.  Levels are dependent upon the home country.  For example, in Guatemala each extra level of school is three years.

What are the different levels of school?

While each country is different, you could think of the different levels like school is setup in the United States. Each different level lasts approximately three years and offers another significant advancement for the student. Most free public education ends after the sixth grade in third world countries. Students then chose whether they will continue or go to work as laborers.

Can I sponsor a child for just one year?

We understand that a three year commitment is a lot.  Therefore, you can commit to one year and then reevaluate.

Can I make one time contributions?

Yes. While we are are seeking long-term partnerships, any contribution is welcomed and will be used to benefit children in the partner areas.

What if my sponsored child doesn't finish school?

You will be notified and have the option to partner with a different child or cancel your contributions.

Will I know what progress my child is making?

Yes. We will monitor the progress of all the students and provide updates to you at the end of each school term. You will also be notified if your child is struggling in any areas and how you might pray for them.

Can I send letters or other gifts to my child?

Yes and contact with your sponsored family is encouraged. In fact, if you desire you can visit your child as a part of one of the US church partners mission trips to the area. You can also email your sponsored child notes of encouragement at info@cristinashope.org which will be translated and delivered through our local ministry partners.

Will I receive a receipt for my contributions?

You will receive an annual statement of your contributions. Because Cristina's Hope is a 501(c)(3) all gifts are tax deductible.